Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Still Awaiting the effects of the melphalan (chemo) yesterday, just a bit of sleeplessness and sweating but that has been the norm for me over the past year or so with the other drugs. Today will be the actual transplant of my own cells back into my body, they call it Day 0. They should be in to do some blood work shortly to make sure the chemo did it's job and I am pretty much bone marrow free, cell less. Looks like they have 23 bags of my blood frozen and I will get 9 bags today, a total of 4.9 million cells overall but approximatly 2 million needed for todays procedure. The rest will be kept here at Hershey in case I need another transplant.
They advised me to make sure any person entering my room today is wearing a mask, it's my well being at stake and I should not be around any germs today as I wont be able to fight any thing off for a few weeks. Another thought, as a friend also mentioned to me who knew someone who had this procedure is that you have to get all of your immunizations again as they have all now been erased. My doctor did confirm that yesterday buy that is about 6 weeks down the road. So please let me know when any of little ones I am around have been exposed to the chickenpox!!

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